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MIRI’s 2019 Fundraiser


MIRI’s 2019 fundraiseris concluded.

Over the past two years, huge donor support has helped us double the size of our AI alignment research team. Hitting our $1M fundraising goal this month will put us in a great position to continue our growth in 2020 and beyond, recruiting as many brilliant minds as possible to take on what appear to us to be the central technical obstacles to alignment.

Our fundraiser progress, updated in real time (including donations and matches made during the FacebookGiving Tuesday事件):

Giving Tuesday 2019


Update January 25, 2020:77,325美元在星期二通yabo体育官网下载ios过Facebook捐赠给Miri。$ 45,915在Facebook匹配活yabo体育官网下载ios动的13.5秒内从PT开始,并由Facebook匹配。感谢所有早日设置时钟以如此慷慨支持我们的人!也向EA星期二Rethink Charity团队代表EA社区为他们做出了惊人的努力。

Update December 2, 2019: This page has been updated to reflect (a) observed changes in Facebook’s flow for donations of $500 or larger (b) additional information on securing matching for donations of $2,500 or larger during Facebook’s matching event and (c) a pointer to Paypal’s newly announced, though significantly smaller, matching event(s). Please check in here for more updates before the Facebook Matching event begins at 5am PT on December 3.

美里的年度筹款活动begins this Monday, December 2, 2019 andGiving Tuesday第二天发生;从12月3日上午5:00:00 AM PT(美国东部时间8:00:00 AM)开始Facebookwill match donations made on fundraiser pages on their platform up to a total of $7,000,000. This post focuses on this Facebook matching event. (You can find information on Paypal’s significantly smaller matching events in the footnotes.1

  1. Facebook捐赠周二活动期间的捐款将以先到先得的基础上的美元匹配美元,直到耗资7,000,000美元的匹配资金用完为止。根据前几年的趋势,这可能会在10秒内发生。
  2. Any US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit eligible to receive donations on Facebook, e.g. MIRI, can be matched.
  3. Facebook will match up to a total of $100,000 per nonprofit organization.
  4. 每个捐助者在星期二的捐款中最多可以符合合格的捐款。每笔捐款的默认限额为$ 2,499。希望捐赠超过2,499美元的捐助者有多yabo体育官网下载ios种策略可供选择(下),以增加其捐款相匹配的机会。

In2018,,,,Facebook’s matching pool of $7M was exhausted within 16 seconds of the event starting and in that time, 66% of our lightning-fast donors got their donations to MIRI matched, securing a total of $40,072 in matching funds. This year, we’re aiming for the per-organization $100,000 maximum and since it’s highly plausible that this year’s matching event will endwithin 4-10 seconds,以下是一些提示您捐款机会的技巧Miri在Facebook上的筹款页面being matched.

Pre-Event Preparation (before Giving Tuesday)

  • Confirm your FB account is operational.
  • Add your preferred credit card(s) as payment method(s)在您的FB设置页面中。Credit cards are plausibly mildly preferable to Paypal as a payment option in terms of donation speed.
  • Test your payment method(s) ahead of time by donating small amount(s) toMIRI’s Fundraiser page
  • If your credit card limit is lower than the amount you’re considering donating, it may be possible to (a) overpay the balance ahead of time and/or (b) call your credit card asking them to (even temporarily) increase your limit.
  • 如果您打算捐款超过2,499美yabo体育官网下载ios元,see belowfor instructions.
  • Sync whatever clock you’ll be using
  • Consider pledging your donation to MIRI atEA星期二2


在12月3日星期二,BEFORE5:00:00am PT — it’s advisable to be alert and ready 10-20 minutes before the event — prepare your donation, so you can make your donation with a single click when the event begins at 5:00:00am PT.

  1. 打开一个准确的时钟
  2. 在不同的浏览器窗口中,打开Miri在Facebook上的筹款页面in your browser.
  3. Click on the Donate button.
  4. In the “Donate” popup that surfaces:
    • Enter your donation amount — between $5 and $2,499.见下文for larger donations.
    • 选择要捐赠的任何卡。
    • Optionally enter a note and/or adjust the donation visibility.
  5. At 05:00:00 PST, click on the Green Donate button.If your donation amount is $500 or larger, you may be presented with an additional “Confirm Your Donation” dialog. If so, click on它的Donate button as quickly as possible.


By default, Facebook places a limit of $2,499 per donation (in the US3),,,,和will match up to $20,000 per donor. If you’re in a position to donate $2,500 or more to MIRI, you can:

  1. Use multiple browser windows/tabs for each individual donation: open upMiri在Facebook上的筹款页面在尽可能多的标签需要在浏览器和follow the instructions above in each window/tab so you have multiple Donate buttons ready to click, one in each tab. Then at 5:00:00 PT, channel your lightning and click as fast as you can — one of our star supporters last year made 8 donations within 21 seconds, 5 of which were matched.


  2. Before the event — ideally not the morning of — followEA星期二’s instructionson how to increase your per-donation limit on Facebook above $2,499. Our friends atEA星期二estimate that “you are likely to be able to successfully donate up to $9,999 per donation” after following these instructions. Their analysis also suggests that going higher than $10,000 for an individual donation plausibly significantly increases the probability of being declined and therefore advise not going beyond $9,999 per donation. It is possible that Facebook may put a cap of $2,499 on individual donations closer to the event.


  1. 贝宝(Paypal美国,,,,Canada,,,,和the UK
  2. 感谢Ari,William,Rethink Charity以及EA星期二的所有工作,以帮助EA组织最大限度地利用Facebook匹配资金的份额。
  3. 有关Facebook在美国以外的Facebook捐赠限制的最新信息,请查看EA星期二’s doc



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